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There’s a new beta version available. Some new features are.

  • You now can open multiple boards and play multiple people.
  • You can now resize the chat window.
  • Draw and Resign are now enabled.
  • Anti-Aliasing is now re-enabled.
  • You can now paste text into the chat window editbox.

You can download a beta copy here. You can download the Microsoft .Net 2 framework here or go to the official MS site here.

Icewolf is currently working on IRCChess 3. IRCChess is a P2P chess client for playing chess with another person without using a server that allows observers. This version is a complete rewrite using the .NET framework. It has all the functionality of IRCChess 1.20 but with some added features like:

  • While playing you can revisit previous board positions.
  • While playing you can analyse future moves. This will be a game option.
  • Change the color of the chess board squares.
  • Change the font and color of text windows.
  • Save and load PGN.
  • Select which port to use.
  • Get the FEN of current board position.

More features to come. If you’d like to suggest a feature or report a bug join us in the #chess channel on the Undernet IRC network.